What is the Curantis Service?

We provides community care and home care supports at local level, including the Home Curantis Service. This service was previously known as the Home Curantis Package Scheme.

The Home  Curantis Support Service helps older people to continue living in their own homes for as long as possible. For example, it can provide support with everyday tasks such as getting in and out of bed, bathing and dressing.

A person’s individual needs are assessed to decide what supports they need. These supports will be provided by the Curantis or by an external provider, approved by the Curantis.

Who can apply for the Home Support Service?

The Curantis Support Service is available to people aged 65 or over who may need support to continue living at home or to return home following a hospital stay. The services might be needed due to illness, disability or after a stay in hospital or following rehabilitation in a nursing home.

In some cases, the service may be available to people younger than 65 who need support. For example, people with early onset dementia or a disability.

What does the Home Support Service cost?

There is no charge for the service and the scheme is not means tested. You do not need to have a medical card to apply for the Curantis Support Service.